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Rubrik Ämne: Backgammon Studio 3.4 SkickaSkicka
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Registrerade sig: 29 aug 2015
Land: Norway
Inloggad: Nej
Inlägg: 37
Skickat: 15 dec 2016 kl 14:52 | IP loggad Citera PillowFighter


Stadig mye nytt dukker opp på Backgammon Studio! I dag
har jeg oppdatert til versjon 3.4 med disse

New actiontags:

--- Double hit or not.
--- Unstack or not.
--- Deep stack or not.
--- Give up 6 point or not.
--- Make board point or hit.

New training tracks:

--- Double whammy! Hitting two checkers can be very
effective if you aren't hit back. Worth the risk?
--- Pickup artist! Pick&pass with a checker is a nifty
way to get an advantage but sometimes it might be
worth just hitting and possibly make the point in the
next turn.
--- Firepower! Adding a spare to a point can give you
extra firepower for attack or more point making
numbers. Or are there more clever options available?
--- Point taken! Hitting a checker or make a sweet
board point? Tough choice!

Other improvements:

--- Score based cube training section.
--- Display how many matches you have played against
an opponent and easy access to more info.
--- Some help info on problems registering/logging in.
--- Speedup for player overview.
--- Show your own match stats when clicking on your
--- ctrl-u to open users list from anywhere. Allows
you to open chat to friends asking for help if you are
--- Duel dialog opens up to other users unless a timed
challenge is being played.
--- On mobiles you can use an expanded board when
playing against opponents.
--- A 'Go advanced!' button has been added to the
light home screen. You may still want to explore the
settings section to adjust your homescreen to fit your
perference. (Thanks tnx-foxtrot!)
--- Database switch is now just one button with a
dialog to select database.


--- My matches doesn't include incomplete matches
(Thanks tnt-foxtrot!).
--- The average PR shown in your my matches section
now matches what you see when you click on your own
name (Thanks Hall!).
--- Moving backward (current move) when viewing match
didn't update pipcount.
--- Highscore ordering for same result was
--- Fixed problem with board frame color and numbers
color (Thanks MRolovic!).
--- "Play" has become "Confirm" and "Clear" has become
"Undo" (Thanks NCMC!).
--- Score hint on positions where white is to play
(and gets reversed) didn't show correctly.
--- Illegal move didn't reset the board on the
opponent side.
--- 'Opponent has left' message wasn't cleared after
online match and starting a challenge (Thanks tnt-
--- 'Rollout rumble' got renamed to 'Opening Training'
as the original name might be a bit too obscure.
--- Clicking on other users opens both duel and stats
dialog similar to interest+stats dialog when clicking
on your name.
--- Using 'Play Winning' or 'Play Gammon' when
searching for positions now shows a info alert if not
searching for cube action instead of strange -10000
errors when playing through positions (Thanks tnt-

Known issues:

--- Using Internet Explorer (Edge) non premium account
the ads triggers a lot of errors: "SEC7111: HTTPS
security is compromised by"
possibly making Backgammon Studio appear sluggish on
IE. -> Chrome is an ok browser.
--- Firefox version 50 seems to have problems
connecting to chat server which will prevent online
match play and chat functionality. Firefox version 52
seems to work ok (developer edition). -> Chrome is an
ok browser.
--- Sometimes the client uses the same die twice in an
online match but the server will refuse the move if
you try to use a wrong move. -> Undo and move again.
--- In online matches sometimes messages are lost or
arrives very delayed to the client and in the wrong
order causing some odd situations. -> Undo and move
again or if that fails make an illegal play which will
then reset the position.

New users:

Backgammon Studio went past 1000 users a couple of
weeks ago which is sweet! Maria Petrova Rolovic
(MRolovic) has been trying to get all her friends to
join Backgammon Studio which is just awesome! :-)

Some users have used an incorrect email address when
registering which caused the email verification mail
to never arrive. While others may have had other
problems. If you do have problems registering please
email me ( and I'll help you out!

Holiday season!

As a christmas gift I have opened up all 60 training
tracks so everyone can try them out! Normally only
half of them are available for non premium users.
Actually I opened this gift a couple of weeks ago.
Enjoy it while it lasts! :-) The swiss army knife
of backgammon! :-)

Happy holidays everyone!

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Registrerade sig: 05 jan 2017
Land: Sverige
Inloggad: Nej
Inlägg: 2
Skickat: 05 jan 2017 kl 18:23 | IP loggad Citera slusken22

Cool, thanks! Have been looking forward to new updates here =)

All in!
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