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Rubrik Ämne: Backgammon Studio 4.4 SkickaSkicka
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Registrerade sig: 29 aug 2015
Land: Norway
Inloggad: Nej
Inlägg: 37
Skickat: 15 dec 2017 kl 15:18 | IP loggad Citera PillowFighter


Backgammon Studio keeps improving and I have updated
the version number to 4.3 with these fine

Backgammon Studio 4.4

Improvements since 4.3:

New actiontags:

-- Michy double tiger or or not

-- Blot advance or not (European split)

-- Major split or not

-- Minor split or not

New training tracks:

-- Double Tiger! Michy's Double Tiger! Hit two blots
in your homeboard leaving two blots or is that too

-- Lucky! You have no anchor and more than 1 man back.
Opponent has a 3 point board against your 1 point
board. Are you feeling lucky?

-- European splits! Should you move your last blot
forward possibly making it easier for it to escape?

-- Danger doubles! You're on the bar with a directshot
but behind in the race. Can you scare your opponent
into dropping?

Other improvements:

-- Login screen has gotten a facelift with a fading

-- Less ads! There is now less ads but the ad dialog
can only be closed after 5 seconds. Doh! :-)

-- It is possible to specify that the cube should be
centered when searching for positions. Suggested by

-- The online match lobby has been cleaned up.

-- Chat in online matches has been cleaned up (when
you don't see it below the board).

-- In the incomplete match list you can now see flag
of opponent and last login to help you find a good
time to poke your oponent next.

-- Play through a match as both players. Suggested by
Thomas Kristensen.

-- Support for longer matches. Up to 25. Suggested by

-- Challenge dialog now has additional help info.

-- Static board numbers. Suggested by EKaratas.

-- Non responding opponent to a resume request is set
busy after 1 minute. Allows you to challenge other

-- Country requirement for tournaments uses connection
country as fallback if no profile has been created.

-- Observers list is now dynamically updated.

-- It is now possible to set a custom clock setting
(nice for double consultation matches). Suggested by

-- It is now possible to enter an event override when
importing matches.

-- First move hint if you don't do anything when
playing online match.


-- Problem with chat on android tablet. Reported by

-- Problem with chat button overlapping clock.
Reported by Gambitcello, area51 and possibly others.

-- Problem with timed training tracks and selecting
random track. Reported by tnt-foxtrot. The Swiss Army knife
of backgammon!

Haven't tried Backgammon Studio yet? You should! :-)


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